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Talented writers encounter barriers when stepping into the world of art. Although their creation is fantastic, it might not reach the large audience unless it is published in one of the magazines promoting poetry. Choose a notorious menagerie magazine to submit your literature creation and to start your writing career.

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Top menagerie magazines that will publish a unique poetry

Whether you are an emerging poet or an addicted menagerie magazines consumer, The Lyric will fulfill your passion for literature. This journal has been founded in 1921 to help unknown artist to gain reputation. They accept any poetry submission as long as the lyrics are the outcome of a unique moment of inspiration. Along the years, they have gathered a fascinating menagerie available for all art consumers. If your writing style is innovating, submit your creation to Granta. This old journal managed to keep up with literature dynamic trend so they will appreciate your style.

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Probably the most famous menagerie magazine is The New Yorker. It is not easy to have your poetry selected for their collection because the submission numbers are high. This is, however, a great menagerie to read when you want to relax and enjoy profound lyrics. The Paris Review might be a great journal for your poetry as well. It has some specific rules available for everyone in the call for submission section and a professional team that will answer you quite fast. Poetry is another option you should pursue. It is a journal with a large number of subscribers so they will become your fans after reading your lyrics.

Sometimes it is difficult to have your writing published but do not give up. There are plenty of journals promoting all styles of poetry. Be part of a menagerie magazine to gain the visibility that will build up your career.