Menagerie Magazine houses crafted exhibits of text and art.

Each issue is a curated statement: several poems, fictions, and hybrid works that deserve the close attention of a small stage. Like a Joseph Cornell shadow box, we bring together a mixture of objects. Things both found and made, memories and discoveries, outcast and beloved. 

Hybrid and uncategorizable pieces are of interest. Likewise the unwieldy, the absurd, the grotesque. What others may spurn we embrace. We’re less interested in knowing what a thing is than in seeing what it does.

Things we like: fictions ala Borges, Link, Calvino, & Sparks; weird lyric essay; engagements with the environment and natural world; poems that explode form; bricolage, masala, & sagul sagul; forays into the omnipresent information-saturated online architecture we live in.

Things we don’t: lukewarm prose, sentences bereft of emotion, formulaic attempts at being on trend, conformity, pat endings, sentiment-drenched rhyming poems, neat and orderly stories.

This is the menagerie. A shadow box. A pin cushion. A junk drawer. A curio cabinet.

Welcome to our exhibition.


Menagerie Magazine is run by these folks:
Steve Woodward, Cofounder & Editorial Director
Kristen Eliason, Cofounder & Artistic Director

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