unscrewing the bolts of hope

a fish    renouncing the river / in the closed jar of night

hold the ceiling

her fever           a ritual

death                not a noun

no one              buries

the chewed        bone of her body

lay me on the floor

refused she weeps

a fish    renouncing the river

in the closed jar of night

she falls             to the floor

a lily                 thud

bind me back to the bed

KARAN KAPOOR is an MFA candidate at Virginia Tech. They have been awarded or placed for the James Hearst Poetry Prize, Frontier Global Poetry Prize,and Bellevue Literary Review Prize. A finalist for the Tusculum Review and Iron Horse Literary Review chapbook prizes, their poems have appeared (or are forthcoming) in AGNI, Shenandoah, Colorado Review, Cincinnati Review, North American Review, and elsewhere. Their fiction is forthcoming in JOYLAND and the other side of hope. Their translations have appeared in The Offing and The Los Angeles Review. They are the Editor-in-Chief of ONLY POEMS.

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